Tipp Turner

Weightloss, motivation, self-confidence, self-esteem

February 24, 2013

Filed under: February 2013 — tippturner @ 9:59 pm

two days consistent then I stopped. I ate ok for the most part. I still had too much sugar and I did not exercise but I still feel like I will get there. I believe that I’m here in this season for a reason. If I were was I want to be – as far as my weight and appearance – things might be off-the-chain righ now. I belive that due to His mercy I am close to becoming who I want to be – a wife and mother – but its all in the right timing. I can – and I will start fresh tomorrow – and I’m still looking to lose 70 pounds by year end. From 260 to 190 would be amazing!!! Losing close to 10 pounds per month – March through December – would help with Diabetes, vision and RA. To be under 200 pounds will be¬†amazing!!!!!!!


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