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February 24, 2013

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two days consistent then I stopped. I ate ok for the most part. I still had too much sugar and I did not exercise but I still feel like I will get there. I believe that I’m here in this season for a reason. If I were was I want to be – as far as my weight and appearance – things might be off-the-chain righ now. I belive that due to His mercy I am close to becoming who I want to be – a wife and mother – but its all in the right timing. I can – and I will start fresh tomorrow – and I’m still looking to lose 70 pounds by year end. From 260 to 190 would be amazing!!! Losing close to 10 pounds per month – March through December – would help with Diabetes, vision and RA. To be under 200 pounds will be amazing!!!!!!!


February 18, 2013

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I did it! I got most of the stuff out of the living room and I found my dumbells — 2 days consistent is a great start. Yea me!!!


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2 days in a row with exercise!! 35 minutes yesterday; 30 today. To do list for tonight: weights, clean living room; get ready for tomorrow.


Testing February 17, 2013

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Its 11:15pm and I did good today! I ate well and I exercised – 170 here I come! Thank you Jesus!


Today I created my wordpress account!

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Yay!!! I went shopping this morning because I am – again – determined to lose weight and get healthy! Besides weight loss, confidence & self-esteem are things that I need to work on also. They say the first step is the hardest, well……today has been good. I’ve eaten better – as far as food choices – than I have in months.

I hope to lose 90 pounds by year end. I didn’t weight thid morning but I’m sure that I’m very close to 260 so I’m using that as my starting point. 170 here I come!!! I’m also doing this because I’m 35 and I want to fall in love, get married and have at least 2 children. Its possible and with prayer, its certain!! Thank you Jesus! It’s time to finally get started as an adult; time to leave my selfish actions in the past. I’m doing this for my future and my kids future and the future of my grandkids and so on…..